Winter Safe Driving Tips

Now that we have had another good dose of winter weather I thought it would be a good idea to review the things we need to do to get  us to our destination safely:

1.) “Know Before You Go” by checking the road conditions BEFORE you travel. Check your states travel information map.

2.)Turn your light on. This increases your visibility to other motorists and snowplow operators.  Brush the snow from your car that could cover your tail lights.

3.)Slow down and drive according to the conditions. Most winter crashes are caused by driving too fast for the conditions.

4.)Never drive through “white-outs” or “snow fog” caused by cross winds or plowing snow. Wait until you can see.

5.)Stay back at least five car lengths behind the plow, far from the snow fog and any salt or sand being spread.

6.)Be patient. Allow more time to get to your destination. Remember snowplows are working to improve road conditions for your trip.

7.)Know where the plow is on multi-lane roadways. The plow could be in either lane or on the shoulder.

8.)Be extremely cautious when passing a snowplow. They can be moved sideways by drifts and hard snow pack.

9.)Watch for plow trucks on interstate ramps and “authorized vehicle only” cross-overs.

10.)Don’t assume that you’ll have good traction because the road looks treated.

11.)Never use cruise control on wet or icy roadways.


These tips came from the North Dakota Department of Transportation. While most of us will not see the winter conditions that the state of North Dakota does these tips apply to any of us who live in areas that get snow covered.


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