Winter Festival of Lights


candy cane wreath from the festival of lights

December is a time when the days get shorter and the nights get longer and sometimes we tend to get busy running errands and decorating our homes for the Christmas season. We take for granted that we can get out and go whenever and wherever we want. There are those who can’t get out on their own and look forward to our visits. My Mom was one of these people. She always looked forward to my weekend visits. We would go everywhere. She particularly loved the Christmas season as she loved to go to Oglebay Park for their festival of lights driving tour. We would begin the tour at dusk. The first lights we came to were the tunnel of snow flakes, which had us in a childlike awe. Then came the “ooh’s, ah’s, and Oh Look!” as we passed lights made to look like a steamship, swans on the lake, a rocking horse, snoopy and the peanuts gang, and Santa and his reindeer and so many more. The lights were done in a way that they made the displays look like they were moving. After this magical tour we would go get dinner and then go home. What a terrific night it was.

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