Traditions of the Past Coming Back

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This year I noticed the Christmas decorations appearing weeks before Halloween. Really? How can you think about what costume you want to wear to that really great Halloween party when a certain elf is staring at you? Maybe this blended holiday time should be called hallo-turk-mas. Do you remember the fun it was to get to help decorate for each holiday and see only those decorations? That was a time when children and adult would walk into the stores in awe of the Christmas decorations knowing that Christmas would soon be here. The other day I read an article that hopefully will start a trend back to celebrating one holiday at a time. Nordstrom has put out signs that they will be closed on Thanksgiving and Christmas decorations will be up on the Friday after Thanksgiving. Just think if we could get back to this tradition people could actually plan their dinner around family and not on when the stores are opening? Let’s eat the turkey and then do the decorating!

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