Tips for Traveling by Car at Thanksgiving

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Tips for Traveling by Car at Thanksgiving

Kelly Herdrich

Kelly Herdrich, Yahoo Contributor Network Oct 5, 2009 “Share your voice on Yahoo websites. Start Here.”

For many families, the Thanksgiving holiday means travel. With Christmas close and airlines packed, many choose to spend the Thanksgiving holiday closer to home. However, if a road trip is inevitable this Thanksgiving, these tips for traveling by car at Thanksgiving can help your family make it to and from your destination relatively painlessly.Pack snacks. This is especially important when traveling with children. Fast food places and restaurants will be crowded on a holiday weekend, and you don’t want hungry kids if you’re sitting in traffic. Be prepared with more than you think you need.Travel on non-peak days. If possible, you’ll avoid much of the Thanksgiving traffic if you can go a day early or stay a day late. Driving to Grandma’s on Tuesday and coming home on Friday or Saturday, instead of waiting until Sunday, can really cut your travel time.

Travel during non-peak hours. Early in the morning or late at night will always garner less traffic on the roadways, as long as you are awake and fit to drive safely.

Pack a portable DVD player or handheld video game system. This is also essential with children of all ages, and can help pass the time, especially in traffic.

Fill up early. Gas prices go up near the holiday travel season. Fill up a few days early, if possible.

Carpool, when possible. If you have friends or family members headed to the same destination, carpooling can save you money and give you an extra driver on a long drive. Consider it!

Pack light. Don’t overpack for a long road trip-full cars aren’t as comfy for travelers, who don’t like having things under their feet or between passengers. Shop for groceries at your destination, and just bring the essentials along with you for the drive itself.

Have a tune-up and an oil change before you leave. The longer the drive, the more important this is. The last thing you want on a long car trip at Thanksgiving is to break down.

Travel with a spare. Tow trucks and highway help may not be as speedy as you’d like during the Thanksgiving holiday. Be sure to travel with a full-sized spare (that you know how to change) on your holiday road trip.

Go before you go. You remind the kids, but make time for everyone in the car to have a bathroom break before you depart and at every stop for gas or a meal along the way. This will cut down on unnecessary stops later.

If a road trip is inevitable this Thanksgiving, these tips for traveling by car at Thanksgiving can help your family make it to and from your destination relatively painlessly.


Kelly Herdrich has great tips on traveling by car at Thanksgiving. Now I ask: “Do you remember these road trips?” I do. I remember pulling out of the driveway in the early morning hours long before the sun rose.  Potable DVD players were not around yet so we played an alphabet game where you had to find all the letters in the road signs. There was  always the fun game of torturing your brother only for him  to  fight back. I think it was more torture for our parents though. We always had plenty to eat while traveling as there was a large cooler with all kinds of goodies in it. We traveled in the station wagon and never traveled light. I remember Dad packing all the suitcases on the roof of the car and we still were crowed in the car. So at this Thanksgiving time I wish you all safe travels and many happy memories!

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