Timeless childhood memories

What things do you remember from when you were young or what things will bring those memories back to the front of your brain. I think it is funny how a word or experience can bring those memories back. I was working on the computer one Friday when the lights flashed several times and then finally decided not to flash anymore and just not come back on. I did all the things you do to make sure you are ready for when the sun goes down. My flashlights all had batteries with some to spare. the first night I spent in the recliner as it is much easier to read by flashlight when sitting up. When I woke up the house was cold and so was I. I took all the battery packs and the cell phone to a local snack shop and spent three hours reading and eating while they charged.

During this time I began thinking I can make it through this as I recalled a time when my Mother (who happened to be the leader of my Girl Scout Troop)took about 10-15 of us weekend camping. I don’t think she knew how cold it was going to be or we would not have gone. We had a lot of fun that weekend mostly by the fire. When it came to nighttime we all started out in our own sleeping bags but as the night went on it got colder and we began to huddle two to a sleeping bag to stay warm. In the morning when we went down for breakfast. It was sooo cold. Mom told us not to spill anything on the bench or we would freeze to it. I think she was joking but we didn’t try it. I decided that if I could make it through a frozen weekend camping trip I could certainly live through a weekend without power. Well, Sunday noon came and we were still without power. I decided that my curent weekend camping trip was over and I was going to where I could have light and warmth. I guess I just love the creature comforts of the modern age.

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