Time a Valuable Commodity



I haven’t been on a regular schedule for weeks now due to the holiday season. In these past few days one thing I have found is that it is easier to concentrate when you can’t see all the other things that need to be done around the house.

I’ve been visiting friends and I get up before they do. I don’t want to wake them so I refrain from turning on the television. It is amazing what I can get done without it. All it takes is watching one show and the day is magically gone.

These things make me wonder if I don’t need to rethink where I have my home office. At the moment I have it in the public area of the house. This isn’t bad most days but where do you work when company comes? I’m going to move it to a room with a door. Now let’s see if I can stay focused with all my sewing projects around me. Looks like they may have to find a new room to settle into.

Being away from all the distractions at home has taught me that I can do those things that need to be done if I am able to concentrate on the tasks at hand. It has also shown me that if I follow whatever schedule I have set up I can get a lot accomplished in a shorter amount of time. Believe it or not this leaves me time left over to do fun activities without that nagging cloud telling me to get back to work.

The following article speaks to this very issue of scheduling and eliminating distractions:


Now…it’s time to get to work on my schedule. Good luck everyone! Stay tuned for future updates!


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