Lanny Kutz

I was looking for something that would help me get settled into the driver’s seat of my minivan. I am a senior man dealing with several serious health issues including my oversized body (both height and girth). I am also suffering severe lower body pain that makes readjusting in the seat an awful experience. I was finding that the fabric seats in my van was “grabbing” at my pants, making me have to raise up off the seat to get into a comfortable driving position – causing excruciating pain.

I checked with a couple medical supply companies who’s business is selling all manner of assistive devices to make life easier for the disabled. All they could offer me was essentially a lazy-susan with a padded top. As I said above, I am tall. The idea of sitting on this which added 2-3 inches to my sitting height. I couldn’t imagine these would be comfortable to ride on for more than a 10 minute trip.

I turned to the internet and was finding the same devices. I thought about finding a seat cover make of something easier to slide on. Then I saw the Ruby’s Slipper. I watched your little video several times! I thought it might be just what I needed. At first, I thought it was too pricey, but I just couldn’t find anything else. I ordered it and have been using it since the day it arrived. My Ruby Slipper is a God send and now that I’ve used it, I would gladly pay even more to get the benefit that it gives me. I can easily slide into my seat without pain and no matter how wrinkled the slipper becomes, I can’t feel any discomfort, nor do I get taller!

You are to be commended for designing this “problem solver”! I predict that before long, you will be selling so many Ruby’s Slippers that it will no longer be possible for you to continue writing the thank you note that arrived with it. I for 1 will be enjoying the benefits of using my Ruby’s Slipper and telling everybody I know about your invention. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

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