Springtime Memories with Mom


Texas BlueBonnets


Spring was a time that was highly anticipated by both Mom and Me. We enjoyed going to the local park each week walking thru the gardens and seeing all the different colors of spring. The sky would be full of colorful kites of all kinds. Somehow I was never able to get mine to stay in the air. It was a time when I would watch my Mom sew my new Easter dress and sometimes she let me help. Laughter was always heard around the kitchen table as my brother and I dyed the eggs for our baskets. I think my brother always found more than I did on Easter morning.

Spring was also a time when Mom had to come up with a birthday party for me that was better than the last birthday. I remember one where she spent hours on my birthday cake making it look like a carousel.  How she ever put up with all the noise little girls in frilly dresses can make I’ll never know. One year Mom and a friend whose daughter had a birthday two days after mine combined our parties. We had two cakes, lots of food, square dancing, and loads of fun. I think the thing I remember most is that we made carnation flowers and covered headbands for all the girls that would be coming to the party.

The last springs that mean the most to me are the ones when Mom and I went to Texas to see the wildflowers, especially the bluebonnets. Sometimes I wondered if we would actually get there. Mom still wanted to go but the long hikes to get to the planes and hours it took just in the airports were enough for her to stay home. After some planning for the airport we were off. We found that if you took an early morning flight you usually didn’t have any problems with security and there were lots of porters available to wheel Mom to the gate. We did get the advantage of getting to board first due to the wheel chair. Mom would get the front row seat and all would be good until we had to deplane. She was frustrated that we had to wait till the very end so they could get the wheel chair down the ramp. However, once we got there Mom was all smiles.

I got the rental car and we were off. We would drive all over Austin and she would point out all the history and all the spots that she would go while at the University. One spring on our drive through the country side we saw it all: the armadillo crossing the road, long horn cows, and fields full of colorful flowers. We really worked up an appetite driving around and made sure to get all of our favorite foods. The first night we would have Bar-B-Q, the next night we would have Mexican, and our last night we would eat at a restaurant where good home cooked food was piled high on your plate.  All were delicious.

So yes, springtime is a great time of the year.

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