Reluctant Times

We all have had times when we were reluctant to do something. I can remember when I would find things to do to keep from doing yard work, housework, or homework. Currently, due to Covid -19 I’m reluctant to go to the gym (or is that just my excuse not to exercise?). As we get older we are reluctant to say we need help because we don’t want to admit our limits or lose our independence. Have you ever noticed that it takes your loved one or yourself a little bit longer to get situated into the car seat? Is it harder for you to get your legs in the car? How about turning to get out of the car. Are you noticing how it takes longer and harder to get both feet firmly on the ground before exiting the vehicle? So what do you do when you have a loved one who needs assistance getting in and out of the car but resists letting you help them? Finding a way to help them without them knowing can be a challenge.

Enter the Ruby Slipper Car Seat Cover.

It looks innocent enough but carries a great secret to those looks. You can now get in the car with the same ease and comfort as you did in the past. The Ruby Slipper Car Seat Cover serves several purposes: keeping the sand off the seat from a day at the beach, keep dog hairs off after a ride with Fido, but most importantly it will allow you or your loved one to easily get into and out of the car with ease, and on their own power. After awhile they may remark at how easily they get in the car now and your secret will still be safe.

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