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There are a lot of options on the market today that help people with limited mobility easily swivel into the car seat. Choosing the right one can make a difference in how comfortable your ride will be.

The majority of these swivel seat cushions can rotate 360 degrees and are padded with about an inch and a half to two inches of foam. They come with a cover that is removable for washing.

Both the swivel seat cushions and the Ruby Slipper enhance your experience by eliminating the struggles associated with limited mobility and sitting in a vehicle.

The Ruby Slipper—a Great Product

The following tells why the Ruby Slipper is such a great product:

Customer Support

We at Ruby Slipper want your experience to be the best you have ever experienced. When you call in with a question your call is answered by an employee who knows the product and not by someone in a call center.

Comfort and ease

When you are using the Ruby Slipper you will notice that you don’t have to make any height adjustments to you seat. It allows you to travel in your car with the same ease and comfort that you had prior to your mobility issue. In fact, you can’t tell that you are sitting on a mobility aide. You can go for short or long drives and the only thing you will be fidgety about is that it is taking too long to get to the beach or to the grandchildren’s house. When entering and exiting the vehicle it will ease the pain that is associated with the twisting and turning due to its unique sliding motion.


The Ruby Slipper is made out of heavy duty double layered nylon which has a water resistant coating. The areas of stress are reinforced with nylon webbing. In the event that your slipper gets dirty you can wash it in the washing machine on the gentle cycle and line dry.


There are no special seats needed for the Ruby Slipper. It will work on all seat types as long as you have access to the rear of the seat. It will work in most cars, trucks, and vans. It works just as nicely on the driver’s seat as the passenger’s seat.


It is easy to install. You just connect it around the headrest and buckling the strap behind the seat. You are now ready to travel.


Ruby Slipper Review Conclusion

If you are looking for a swivel seat that is comfortable, convenient, and easy to use then you want to get the Ruby Slipper.

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