Be Prepared for Winter Driving

I have been a Girl Scout  from 3rd grade through 12th grade and beyond. You would think that the one phrase that would have stayed with me was :”Be prepared.” I can’t tell you how many winters I have not been prepared for the winter days of travel. Oh I did the right thing every year to have my car winterized when I had an oil change closest to winter days beginning, but I really didn’t pay much attention to the things that I could do to keep myself safe and warm should any emergency arise while traveling. You should always have a winter survival kit in your car. Here are some things you should put in it:

1.) Blankets and warm clothing

2.)Tin can with a candle for heat


4.) Water

5.)Non-perishable food items such as: hard candy, unsalted nuts, dehydrated fruit, jellybeans, granola bars

6.)Radio-one with batteries and a hand crank

7.)Extra batteries

8.)First aid kit

9.)Toilet tissue

10.)Duct Tape

11.)Bright red or orange cloth and whistle to signal help

12.)Nylon rope

Vehicle equipment:

Repair tools: pliers, wrenches, screw drivers, pocket knife

Carry tire chains, booster cables, tow rope, gas line antifreeze, and container of sand.

Reference material was from North Dakota winter car care, Fifteen things to have in your car this winter by Trent at www.the,22 tools you should keep in your car by Marc Chernoff at, The Weather Channel driving safety tips.


There are other things to consider in being prepared for winter such as car care, winter travel tips, and safe driving tips. I will write about these in future blogs.

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