Paying it Forward


First let me say “Thank You!” to all the first responders and all of the unsung heroes working in the background, and foreground! I never thought that there would ever be another worldwide pandemic. It is such a strange reality we’re living in now. There are very few people out and about, and fewer vehicles on the road. What was once stopped traffic at quitting time now looks more like noon day traffic.

I wanted to do more than just sit in the house or take walks. I realized there are so many people were making masks for hospitals and first responders, that I decided to give back and make them for family and friends who weren’t able to them on their own. However, that was not enough for me. I looked around on the internet to see who still needs masks and I contacted the police department to asked about their status,  and they mentioned that their civilian staff still needed masks.

They put me in touch with Anita, the volunteer coordinator for making and distributing  masks. The volunteers supplied material, cutting and preparation, and then bringing together an army of sewers to complete the process. Come this weekend I will be glued to my sewing machine as I sew one mask after another. I hope everyone is staying health and safe. In the meantime, here is an example of a special requested evening wear mask.



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