Hard to Slide onto and off Your Driver’s Seat? Try this.

We appreciate when clients take the time to let us know that we have met, or exceeded their expectations, while helping them accomplish their normal daily activities. This review came to us from Dr. Malin Dollinger, M.D., Medical/Research Editor of the Synapse Newsletter of the Spastic Paraplegia Foundation  in the Summer 2019 edition. The Spastic Paraplegia Foundation, Inc. (SPF) is the only organization in the Americas dedicated to finding a cure for Hereditary Spastic Paraplegia (HSP) and Primary Lateral Sclerosis (PLS).  To learn more, https://sp-foundation.org/


Hard to Slide onto and off Your Driver’s Seat? Try this.

By Malin Dollinger, M.D., HSP/SPG4

Over the years I’ve had several handicap vans, with the standard removal of the middle row of seats, so I could drive my scooter into the van and park it in the space behind the driver’s seat. Then I would transfer to the driver’s seat by pulling myself up, stepping forward, and sitting sideways on the inside of the driver’s seat. Then came the difficult/awkward task of sliding onto the seat while rotating my behind, to face forward. Most driver’s seats on the vans were rough and difficult to slide across. I tried adding seat covers, and even had one driver’s seat reupholstered with the “slickest” fabric I could find, to slide across. It’s still a struggle: my clothes always caught on the surface of the driver’s seat, and it was very difficult to push myself onto the seat. No seat cover or upholstery was smooth and slick enough.

Enter the Ruby Slipper car seat cover, a very clever new idea to solve this problem. Nothing like it before. A nylon fabric seat cover, very slippery, covers the seat and another large piece of nylon is right on top (fastened at the back). To get on the seat, you pull the top nylon layer toward your standing position. If you enter the car or van from the driver’s door or if you transfer from your scooter using the space between the driver’s seat and the front passenger seat as I do, (in front of your parked scooter or wheelchair, see photo), you sit on the upper nylon layer and very easily slide across where you need to go, the two nylon sheets sliding over each other.

This can be used in either the driver’s seat or the passenger seat. Installation took about 7 minutes. I also tucked the lower nylon sheet into the crease on the edge of the seat, and fastened the front edge of the lower nylon piece on the seat to the front of the seat with Velcro. This prevents the lower nylon piece from “wandering” while sliding into position.
To order, use www.rubyslippercarseatcover.com or call 1-877-855-3065. List price is $79.95 and it comes in red, black, and gray. Tell them Malin sent you. It will save your muscles and all the strain you’ve had trying to slide onto and off the seat.

On behalf of the Ruby Slipper Car Seat Cover Team, thank you Dr. Dollinger!



Used with permission of Malin Dollinger, M.D., HSP/SPG4

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