Don’t judge a book by its cover

Middle school story by CT author Katie L. Carroll. Illustrated by Susan Tait Porcaro.


How much do we Judge? How often do you look at something or an activity and make snap decisions about what is going on only to have them be wrong? The other day I was pulling into a parking lot and a full size truck pulled into a handicap spot. I began to wonder if the person was handicapped or just running an errand for someone who is handicapped.

I was so amazed and enthralled as I watched the lid on the back of the truck began to open sideways and on its own. It was being lifted by a large piston. As this was happening a stair came out from the driver’s door. While it is not polite to stare I couldn’t help watching this unfold. Once the lid was up an electric arm began to raise and raised a wheelchair up and then swung it over and down to the ground. The person in the truck sat on the step and lowered to the ground. She got in her wheelchair and then pressed a button and I got to watch the arm come back in the truck and the lid lowered. I am truly amazed at what can be done to make it possible for people with issues to be able to stay independent and also be able to be on the road. May everyone be able to have safe travels.

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