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Easy Floor to Chair

There are always new items coming out to help people. You find them by accident and other times you have been looking for a long time. Sometimes you don’t know you need them or that the possibility of slipping off your chair is so far off you don’t even think about using an aid. I […]

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Mobility-Advisor website

So many of the aids and resources needed for mobility arise from a need to help an aging parent or to honor their memory. My product The Ruby Slipper Car Seat Cover came about because of my Mother’s lack of mobility getting into the car seat. One of the resources available to people who have […]

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Ruby Slipper video 3

Product Review

There are a lot of options on the market today that help people with limited mobility easily swivel into the car seat. Choosing the right one can make a difference in how comfortable your ride will be. The majority of these swivel seat cushions can rotate 360 degrees and are padded with about an inch […]

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String to the Rescue

Have you ever wondered: “What would I do if I couldn’t do something on my own?” Some people might just sit around and wait until they were able to do things again. However, not everyone is going to stop doing what they love to do just because of a temporary setback. I heard a story […]

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Traditions of the Past Coming Back

  This year I noticed the Christmas decorations appearing weeks before Halloween. Really? How can you think about what costume you want to wear to that really great Halloween party when a certain elf is staring at you? Maybe this blended holiday time should be called hallo-turk-mas. Do you remember the fun it was to […]

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red convertible

Learning to Drive

    There are a lot of moments in our lives that become memorable moments. For me, one of those moments was learning to drive a car. From an early age I would sit beside my Dad and he would tell me what everything was. I was reading the odometer mileage before I was doing […]

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Memorial Day

Memorial Day Today is a day that we set aside not just for a picnic, but to honor all those who have given their lives to keep us free. I found this poem and think it says it all. Everyone have a safe and happy Memorial Day.———–   Freedom Is Not Free – Kelly Strong […]

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