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Paying it Forward

  First let me say “Thank You!” to all the first responders and all of the unsung heroes working in the background, and foreground! I never thought that there would ever be another worldwide pandemic. It is such a strange reality we’re living in now. There are very few people out and about, and fewer […]

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The Power of “I Can”

We don’t often take time to think about how what we are telling ourselves or others affects us. Have you ever had someone tell you you couldn’t do something only to find out years later that you really could do the activity? What if you were never told you couldn’t do things (unless they weren’t […]

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Baltimore Police shop with the children

Christmas Miracles

  Christmas is a time for miracles. Bad news seems to come at us from every media method including family and friends. It’s hard to think good thoughts, but somehow good news begins to come out and remind us what this season is all about. There are secret Santas in Massachusetts paying off lay-a-ways in […]

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blog image of 101 year old weather observer

Lifelong volunteer work

Have you ever wondered what volunteer work you can do to help the people of your community? How about  when you start the volunteer work, do you ever think that you will still be doing that job 84 years later?  The following is an article of Richard Hendrickson who has been doing just that. He […]

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MLB: New York Mets at San Diego Padres

Working towards a goal

One of the ways that we can stay “young,” alert, and have a reason to get up in the mornings is to have something that we are working towards. Maybe there is something that you have never done and want to try something new, maybe you have a long lost hobby and want to renew it, […]

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Amazing Lady

Our parents are amazing people. They are always there for us when we need them and are the first to encourage us and tell us how great we are and that we can do anything we want to do. We never know until later in our adult years that they gave up their dreams of […]

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