Who are you going to call?

How often do we say we have someone in our corner? What does that mean exactly and how would it apply to an elderly person. The phrase as used in boxing.  The boxers would rest between rounds in opposite corners of the ring. Their coaches or trainers would give them instruction between each round. This […]

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Best Laid Plans

  Have you ever had “one of those days”? My morning started out great with a cool brisk hour long walk, but quickly went downhill. When I got home I decided to get the roast cooking in the crock pot. I debated about searing the meat and decided to go ahead as it would taste […]

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My First Event

My First Event was at the Belmont County Fair 2014 Since I am on the topic of county fairs I want to talk about doing my first paid show at the Belmont County Fair. You may be asking why here. Belmont County is the county that I grew up in and where I have received […]

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Practice Makes Perfect

  Good lesson learned, “parents should quit doing their children’s work” Now that fair season is upon us and people are vying for the Blue Ribbon I begin to think about my entry when I was a Girl Scout. My Mom was my Girl Scout leader so she could never make it seem like she showed […]

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The Patent Process

Now that I have an actual slipper I need to start finding an attorney that can file a patent for my product. I started by calling an attorney I had used and asked for a referral. I was given a name and I called the attorney. He sent me a list of attorneys in the […]

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Creating the Ruby Slipper

Creating a pattern from scratch is like putting a puzzle together and you aren’t quite sure where all the pieces go. I have never been good at puzzles so there were some days in the early stages of developing the pattern that I was frustrated and ready to give up. If it weren’t for the […]

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red convertible

Learning to Drive

    There are a lot of moments in our lives that become memorable moments. For me, one of those moments was learning to drive a car. From an early age I would sit beside my Dad and he would tell me what everything was. I was reading the odometer mileage before I was doing […]

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The Power of “I Can”

We don’t often take time to think about how what we are telling ourselves or others affects us. Have you ever had someone tell you you couldn’t do something only to find out years later that you really could do the activity? What if you were never told you couldn’t do things (unless they weren’t […]

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Springtime Memories with Mom

  Spring was a time that was highly anticipated by both Mom and Me. We enjoyed going to the local park each week walking thru the gardens and seeing all the different colors of spring. The sky would be full of colorful kites of all kinds. Somehow I was never able to get mine to […]

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