Mom's sophomore college picture

Mother’s Day 2016

This past Sunday was Mother’s Day and everywhere I looked I saw Mom. I went to get a skirt out of the closet and there was her handiwork. She had run two rows of elastic in the waist to make it smaller. The way she did it made it look like it had originally come […]

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Snowbound at Home

  I know we all (or most of us) are hoping that we have had our snow for the season. It can be quite a challenge to keep everyone occupied when cooped up in the house. What things do you remember doing when you couldn’t leave the house? I remember playing board games, cards, and […]

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health club


It’s winter and too cold to be outside to walk around the neighborhood. I find the comfort of the recliner a little cozier than the frigid air on the face and feeling like an overstuffed Thanksgiving turkey from all the outerwear. The truth be told that we all should get some exercise in. The benefits […]

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Time a Valuable Commodity

I haven’t been on a regular schedule for weeks now due to the holiday season. In these past few days one thing I have found is that it is easier to concentrate when you can’t see all the other things that need to be done around the house. I’ve been visiting friends and I get […]

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String to the Rescue

Have you ever wondered: “What would I do if I couldn’t do something on my own?” Some people might just sit around and wait until they were able to do things again. However, not everyone is going to stop doing what they love to do just because of a temporary setback. I heard a story […]

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Timmy’s Christmas wish

“Dear Santa, Please help my Nana and Pop-pop come to our house for Christmas dinner. Sometime they have a hard time getting in and out of the car. I miss them! Love, Timmy”   To be continued……

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Traditions of the Past Coming Back

  This year I noticed the Christmas decorations appearing weeks before Halloween. Really? How can you think about what costume you want to wear to that really great Halloween party when a certain elf is staring at you? Maybe this blended holiday time should be called hallo-turk-mas. Do you remember the fun it was to […]

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