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Providers’ Choice Bronze – A Closer Look

Article by Greg Thompson • August 7, 2021 PHOENIX – Show organizers capped off last month’s Medtrade West with the New Product Pavilion Providers’ Choice Awards, sponsored by HomeCare Magazine. The Providers’ Choice Bronze Award went to the Ruby Slipper Swivel Car Seat Cover by Ruby Slipper LLC. Why did the device do so well? […]

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Reluctant Times

We all have had times when we were reluctant to do something. I can remember when I would find things to do to keep from doing yard work, housework, or homework. Currently, due to Covid -19 I’m reluctant to go to the gym (or is that just my excuse not to exercise?). As we get […]

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Paying it Forward

  First let me say “Thank You!” to all the first responders and all of the unsung heroes working in the background, and foreground! I never thought that there would ever be another worldwide pandemic. It is such a strange reality we’re living in now. There are very few people out and about, and fewer […]

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Robotic Shopping Carts

Do you ever find yourself lugging heavy packages through the store to your car. You figure you didn’t need a cart because you were only getting a few things? I know that has happened to me more than I care to admit. What if I had my own personal valet? Well that may not be […]

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