Winter Blizzard of 2016

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Copyright CDC 2016

With the feeling it was spring all the way up until the week of January 17, 2016 I think we all got a little complacent about how brutal winter can be. Most of us did not see any snow or significant snow until this blizzard. The temperatures were as if we had become snowbirds and gone to Florida for the winter. Then the awakening came.

I wonder just how many of us have a winter preparedness kit at home. Are you ready for a power outage? The following web site has a great check list of things needed for the winter.

When is the last time you located all your flashlights and checked the batteries? Have you found where you stored all those heavy warm blankets? Don’t forget if you go camping you have an excellent warm blanket with the sleeping bag.

You should always have your pantry stocked. Do you really want to be at the end of the line that wraps all the way down the grocery isle? The best practice is to have two of everything so when you use one you buy one and you always have what you need. Just in case you lose power you may want to have some groceries that don’t have to be cooked.

Below is an excellent source of information for what you need before the storm hits:

Just remember to have this checklist in your to do pile in October every year and you will be ready for any winter storm.


P.S. In case you can’t guess it I wasn’t prepared, but I am working on it.

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