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The Comfortable and Convenient “Swivel Car Seat Cover”
for Passengers with Limited Mobility and Strength


The Ruby Slipper Swivel Car Seat Cover is a specially designed, heavy-duty double-layered seat cover with a unique sliding action that allows passengers to swivel in and out of the car seat with ease. This simple seat cover allows passengers to quickly and easily enter or exit virtually any vehicle. The Ruby Slipper is comfortable, convenient and helps reduce stress while traveling. It is intended for anyone with limited mobility and strength, or recuperating from a recent surgery.

See The Ruby Slipper Swivel Car Seat Cover in Action!


Gabby Corbett

The Ruby Slipper Car Seat Cover has made my life easier. I can get in & out of the van with ease. I can only use my upper body the cover allows for quick & easy movement. The installation of the cover was a breeze. I highly recommend this product if you have mobility issues.


Great for anyone with limited mobility & strength, or recuperating from a recent surgery.

  • Comfortable: A sleek, soft and flexible swivel seat cover that doesn’t add bulk
  • Built to Last: Heavy-duty double-layered seat cover with unique sliding action
  • Easy Care: Cool nylon fabric repels liquids
  • Universal: For passenger or driver – works with most vehicles (cars, trucks, vans)
  • Helps driver and passengers slip in & out of the car with ease
  • Product sold in the United States only.

I am scheduled for bilateral hip replacement surgery in November. I have been in physical therapy for months and have gone from walking unassisted to using a cane to using a walker. The Ruby Slipper eases my transition into & out of my car. It REALLY works and I can’t recommend it highly enough. Without it, getting in & out of the car would be terribly painful. Thank you for inventing & manufacturing it.